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Police Chief - Leonard DiSalvo


As we are in uncertain times during the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, we are taking steps to ensure the health and safety or our residents and community.

From this point forward we will be restricting access to the Public Safety Building (Police and Fire). If you need to report a crime or have general questions, we encourage you to do so over the phone, 585-6565, or by email, or, and allow our officers to assess your concerns.

Visitors to the Public Safety Building will be directed to use the Fitzwilliam Police Department exterior hands free telephone. This is the blue box just to the right of the Police Department door, marked with a blue light.  This telephone allows a direct link to the Fitzwilliam Police Department as well as Cheshire County Dispatch Center, for emergency and non-emergency services.

To contact an officer press the call button, when the call is connected a green light will activate. If the Police and Fire Administrative Assistant or Fitzwilliam Police are unavailable the Cheshire County Dispatch will then answer the call, please advise them of your location and of your emergency or non-emergency request. This telephone can also be used to report fire emergencies.

For safety reasons the telephone has been programmed that once a call has been initiated it can’t be cancelled.

As always if you have an emergency, please call 911

Police Chief Leonard DiSalvo