Community Forum

The Master Plan Steering Committee will host a Community Forum on Saturday, March 26 from 10:00am until 3:00pm.

After an opening presentation by the Steering Committee, community members will be invited to join a variety of break-out sessions focusing on specific topics, such as Population & Housing, Economic Development, Arts & Culture, Conservation & Natural Resources, Youth & Education, and Historic Preservation & Heritage. 

The Community Forum will be a working session and a chance to collaborate with your neighbors on drafting a plan for the future. The success of this event will, in many ways, be proportional to the number of people who participate, so please make plans to join us, share your ideas, or just listen in. A boxed lunch will be served, note-taking and ideation materials will be provided, and Zoom links will be established for those unable to participate in person.  The product of these working sessions, along with the community surveys, will provide the bulk of feedback that will result in the 2022 Town of Fitzwilliam Master Plan. 

10:00am       Welcome / Opening Remarks / Acknowledgements

11:00 am       Break-Out Sessions                                                                        

                         *Population and Housing*

                         *Economic Development*
                         *Arts and Culture*
                          Conservation and Natural Resources
                          Youth and Education
                          Historic Preservation and Heritage

12:00 pm       Lunch

12:30 pm       Break-Out Sessions                                                                        

                         *Conservation and Natural Resources*

                         *Youth and Education*
                         *Historic Preservation and Heritage*
                          Population and Housing
                          Economic Development
                          Arts and Culture

1:30 pm       Coffee Break

2:00 pm       Forum Wrap-Up Session

3:00 pm       Thanks You’s / Reminders / Forum Close

*Session available via Zoom*

Please contact the Land Use office if you are in need of childcare for the Forum.

Break-out Sessions

Topic 1: Population and Housing [Morning Session available by Zoom]


This session will discuss current and future housing needs, including the type of housing and the infrastructure to support the community/economy and the locations/areas in which they should be allowed.  


Facilitator: Nolan Buonomano

Topic 2: Economic Development [Morning Session available by Zoom]


This session will discuss what sort of economic goals would suit Fitzwilliam given our strength and weaknesses. Discussion would include what sort of businesses, industries and/or infrastructure should exist in town and the locations in which they should be allowed.


Facilitator: Steve Reinhart / Beth Lorenz

Topic 3: Arts and Culture [Morning Session available by Zoom]


This session will discuss the impact culture and the arts would have on the future of the town. Discussion would include educational, enlightening, entertaining, or artistic projects or priorities designed to integrate the arts into everyday life and to strengthen the quality of life and character of Fitzwilliam.


Facilitator: Robin Marra

Topic 4: Conservation and Natural Resources [Afternoon Session available by Zoom]


This session will discuss the natural resources and conservation land in town and how best to utilize these resources for the benefit of all. Discussion would range from how best to prepare for potential natural hazards to protection and/or use of natural resources.


Facilitator: Paul Kotila / Rick Brackett

Topic 5: Youth and Education [Afternoon Session available by Zoom]


This session will discuss all aspects of youth and education. Discussion would include existing recreational and educational areas and look to future needs of the community.


Facilitator: Sarah Short 

Topic 6: Historic Preservation and Heritage [Afternoon Session available by Zoom]


This session will discuss the historic nature of Fitzwilliam and how best to preserve our cultural and historic resources. Discussion would include potential projects or priorities to improve historic preservation.


Facilitator: Dan Sutton