Tax Information

What is the tax rate?

The 2023 Fitzwiliam Tax Rate has been set at $16.92. per $1,000.00 of assessed valuation.  The Equalization Ratio for 2023 is 87.9% of Market Value.



2017 2016   

Local School

9.50 9.39 14.38 15.14 16.05


12.45 15.66      

State Education


.86 1.88 1.96 2.11


1.98  2.60      


3.88 3.85 5.47 4.96 4.73


 5.75  6.10      


2.41 4.10 4.10 3.70 3.80 3.80 3.04  3.38      

Combined Tax Rate:




$25.76 $26.49




Equalization Ratio:

87.9% 99.5% 72.9% 81.29%





What is the tax year?

Throughout the State of New Hampshire, the tax year runs from April 1st through the following March 31st. Assessments of your property are made as of value on April 1st of each tax year and appear on your tax bill.

How often and when will I be billed?

Property taxes are billed twice a year.

The first bill of the year is an estimate, based on one half of the total previous year's tax. This tax bill, printed and mailed out around the middle  of May, is due on or after July 1st.

The tax rate is set by the State of New Hampshire Department of Revenue in the fall of each year after which the final bill is printed.

The final bill is calculated using the new rate multiplied by your property’s assessed value as of April 1st less any payments made on the first bill. The final tax bill is printed and mailed in October or November and due thirty days later, but not before December 1st.

What form of payment do you accept? Can I pay my taxes online?

Over the counter we accept cash, personal checks, money orders, and cashier checks. We accept credit cards online, and ACH, (electronic checks) online. For ACH and credit card payments, convenience fees will apply. Credit cards accepted are Master Card, Visa, Discover, and American Express.Please note that the convenience fees are not retained by the Town, but go directly to the third party processor.

What if my taxes are escrowed by my mortgagee?

Your bank or mortgage company should instruct you as to whether or not you need to send them a copy of your tax bill. It is always best to verify that they have paid your bill each time.

Are there penalties for paying my property taxes after the due date?


1. Interest is charged at the rate of 8 percent. To calculate how much your daily interest charge would be:

"Tax owed" multiplied by ".08" then divided by "365" (days) = daily interest amount

Example: $3,450 tax owed x .08 (8%) / 365 = $ .76 daily interest amount

2. Unpaid previous year property taxes become subject to the Property Tax Lien process beginning in mid-April. (See below.)

How are my property taxes applied to delinquent tax amounts?

In accordance with administrative regulations of the NH Department of Revenue Administration, payments are applied first to any interest amounts owed and then to principal amounts of taxes owed.

Will a property tax lien be executed on my property if taxes remain unpaid?

Yes. Unpaid previous year property taxes become subject to the Property Tax Lien process beginning in mid-April.

1. Beginning in April, additional fees (approximately $65.00) are charged to notify the taxpayer, mortgage company, and execute the Lien process.

2. Property Tax Liens are executed in May on each property for unpaid previous year taxes. The amount of the Tax Lien equals the total tax due, plus interest and costs. The Lien becomes a public record and notice of the Lien is recorded at the Cheshrie County Registry of Deeds.

3. Mortgagees are notified of any property tax liens.

4. The lien becomes subject to a Tax Deed to the Town if the Lien is not paid in full (redeemed) within 2 years of the Lien date. (See below.)

What is the interest rate charged on a property tax lien?

Interest on tax liens is charged at the rate of 14 percent.   To calculate how much your daily interest charge would be:

"Amount of tax lien" multiplied by "0.14" - then divide by "365" (days).  

Example: $4,250 tax owed x 0.14 (14%) / 365 = $1.63 daily interest amount

How do I redeem a Tax Lien?

A property Tax Lien can be redeemed by paying the full amount due (including interest and costs.) Notice of the redemption (payment) will be recorded within 30 days at the Cheshire County Registry of Deeds.

Will my property be deeded to the Town of Fitzwilliam if property tax liens remain unpaid?

Yes. If a tax lien is not paid in full (redeemed) within two (2) years from the date of the Lien, the Tax Collector must execute a Tax Deed to the Town for the property.

What if I didn't get a tax bill?

Bills are sent to the address of the last known owner by State law. The Tax Assessor's Office updates its records according to the transfer recorded and received from the Cheshire County Registry of Deeds. Your attorney or closing company should have checked the status of taxes due. However, it is your responsibility as the owner to make sure they are paid and to advise us of your mailing address in writing. If you have questions about this, refer to your closing statement and/or give us a call. Interest at 8% per annum is charged on tax bills not paid by the due date. Also, interest at 14% per annum is charged on tax liens until paid in full.

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