Historic District Commission

2024 Historic District Commission Members
John Fitzwilliam, Chairman
Bill Davis
Ken Beckwith
Ron Heroux
Isaac Morse, Alternate

Current boundaries of the Historic District were set at the Annual Town Meeting in March 1992. The boundary lines confine the District primarily to the Village Center. The boundary extends west of Route 12 North, north and south of Route 119 West, and includes a few properties east of the Route 12 and Route 119 intersection. There are 165 properties within the Historic District. Maps are available in the Town Hall or on the town’s website.

The Historic District Commission was created under RSAs 673:1 and 673:4. Their purpose is:

  • To preserve structures and places of historic and architectural value;
  • Preserve a district which reflects elements of the towns’ cultural, social, economic, political, and architectural history;
  • Conserve property values;
  • Foster civic beauty;
  • Maintain the existing architecture of the District.

The Fitzwilliam Historic District Commission is an advisory board chartered to give homeowners a set of criteria and support to guide exterior modifications for restorative and new construction in the Historic District.

If you want to do any exterior construction or alteration work on your property and you live in the Historic District, you must apply to the Historic District Commission and schedule a time to meet with the Commission for a hearing. You can get an application at the Land Use Office or the town’s website. The Land Use Office can assist you in scheduling your hearing. Your application and any supplemental material must be received in the Land Use Office at least five (5) days before you plan to meet with the Commission.

The Commission will need to know the purpose, location, design, and materials for your proposed building, alteration, or addition. Your plan should show all boundaries, setbacks and right-of-ways, and indicate the type of exterior materials, siding, roofing, and/or paint colors to be used.

The six-member Commission is appointed by the Selectmen and they meet on the second Thursday of the month at 4:00pm in the Town Hall, when there is a case. There is also a non-voting ex-officio member from the Board of Selectmen on the Commission.


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