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What's Next?

As many of you may know, the Fitzwilliam Conservation Commission and Moosewood Ecological LLC began revising the town’s Natural Resources Inventory (NRI) in 2023.  This included compiling natural resource maps, surveys of town properties, and photo documentation of over 1400 species using the online iNaturalist app.  This progress was summarized at a January public presentation attended by over 30 town residents.

2024 will see continuing habitat mapping and biodiversity assessments on town-owned lands, two more bioblitzes, and expanded efforts to survey natural resources in poorly documented parts of town.   To this end, we will be asking some land owners to contribute to this work by allowing Moosewood staff to conduct surveys on their properties.   Invitation letters will go out this spring.  No surveys will be conducted without land owner permission. 

We want to thank everyone who has contributed to the NRI process so far and encourage you to explore the iNaturalist Fitzwilliam Biodiversity Project website to see what we’ve discovered. Please join us! 


Discovering Fitzwilliam's Biodiversity

How many species of bugs, flowers, and birds does Fitzwilliam have? The Fitzwilliam Conservation Commission, in conjunction with Moosewood Ecological Services, is compiling an inventory of all wild plants, animals, and fungi that are in our community and we need your help! Join us exploring our backyards, town forest and our community as we work on our Natural Resource Inventory!

To participate, simply download the free iNaturalist app on your mobile device and submit photos of wild, living organisms you find in nature. You can also upload photos taken on a digital camera though the iNaturalist website. 

To learn more about the Natural Resources Inventory (NRI) and how you can participate through iNaturalist, join us for an online training through the link below. Note: this was held previously and recorded.




The Conservation Commission was adopted by the Annual Town Meeting in March 1972 as set forth by RSA 36-A. The Commission’s mission is to protect the natural resources of Fitzwilliam. They advise groups, applicants, and agencies on conservation matters and meet regularly with other town boards. The Commission also meets with residents who are looking for guidance on how to improve or mitigate any deficiencies in protecting natural resources, especially situations that affect wetlands, water bodies or natural communities of the town.

If you want to do any work around wetlands or sensitive natural resources, you will be referred to the Conservation Commission. There is no formal application process and many times the documents prepared for the required permits (for example construction permit, conditional use permit, variance, etc.)  are sufficient.  The Commission will need to know the purpose, location, design, and materials for your proposed building, alteration, or addition. Your plan should show all boundaries (including wetlands), setbacks and right-of-ways, and indicate the type of materials to be used.

The Natural Resource Inventory, Prime Wetlands mapping, and Open Space Plan are maintained by the Conservation Commission. They also oversee the hiking trails within Widow Gage.

The six-member Commission is appointed by the Selectmen and meets on the third Monday of the month at 7:00pm in the Town Hall. There is also a non-voting ex-officio member from the Board of Selectmen on the Commission. 

* Conservation Commission is not considered a Land Use Commission by the State of New Hampshire. However, the Land Use Department provides administrative support for the Commission. The Commission is also an integral part of the Land Use Department.

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